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Luxury made simple...

We believe time is a valuable luxury 

At Dwell Living we provide a holistic approach to design and invest our time with you. We are here to ignite your passion for life & all things beautiful. We value people, community, relationships and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our profession is unlike many others; it is both an art and science.


On one hand design involves very calculated precision of construction, building codes, material composition and application; and on the other a creative, intuitive and emotional strategist to evoke a sensation of wellness, serenity & beauty in the space we call home.


We believe in creating better ways of living and building. Our holistic process consists of a dedicated team of professionals and specialists in interior design, drafting, millwork design, flooring, lighting, project management and product procurement in furnishings, objects and fine art.


The fluidity of all components working together in one location cohesively, creating thoughtful solutions and meaningful spaces that integrate advances in organizational development, sustainability, wellness, beauty and new technologies. Our team members immerse themselves in understanding the complex nature of who you are and those around you to achieve the quality of life you desire, simplify day to day living and surpass your own limitations.

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Our mission is our commitment to understanding our clients and transform their vision by providing intelligent design solutions that will exceed their expectations;
a custom-tailored design that encompasses who you are and how you live.



The start of the journey. Here at Dwell Living we fundamentally believe the Initial Design Consultation should take place at the residence in question. This allows the Designer to closely analyze the Client’s requirements and in doing so develop a scope of service for the proposed project. At this time initial budgets and
schedules are discussed and by conducting the meeting on site, this allows the Designer the opportunity to identify any potential risks or external factors which may present themselves.

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Interpretation of the initial design brief its undertaken and it is here that the Designer engages with what is a very personal approach to each project with a view to offer a design solution to each Client that fully reflects and exceeds their aspirations. At this stage floor plans, 3-D visualization and technical drawings form the basis of an overall design presentation.


Detailed and highly accurate budgets are then developed to include all products and services within the scope of works. Uniquely, being manufacturer direct allows us to deliver a wide variety of high quality product lines at the very best available prices: from furniture, to lighting and flooring as well as building materials - we have it all!



Formal documentation between Client and Designer outlines specific scope of works and associated cost. At this stage the appointment of the relevant sub-contractors is established and a schedule of works produced. Applicable Building Permits as well as Health and Safety Plans are identified in compliance with Work Safe BC.


Complete drawings and full design specification package are produced for Client Approval to include all detailed millwork, appliance and furniture selection. This stage allows us to encapsulate your personal aspirations to tangible pieces and design features you will love, that will make your home a home.



This is where the magic happens! Continually liaising with our team on site to bring your project to fruition in accordance with the budget and scope of works previously agreed. Dwell Living are to coordinate all works carried out during this time and regular site visits ensure quality of workmanship throughout each stage. Client’s are updated regularly as project milestones are reached. Final Inspections and Deficiency Review are followed by a Sign Off of the project. After which time the Client can live, work and play in a space to call their own. Love where you live.

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