At Dwell Living we provide a holistic approach to design and invest our time with you. We are here to ignite your passion for life & all things beautiful. We value people, community, relationships and the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our profession is unlike many others; it is both an art and science.


On one hand design involves very calculated precision of construction, building codes, material composition and application; and on the other a creative, intuitive and emotional strategist to evoke a sensation of wellness, serenity & beauty in the space we call home.


We believe in creating better ways of living and building. Our holistic process consists of a dedicated team of professionals and specialists in interior design, drafting, millwork design, flooring, lighting, project management and product procurement in furnishings, objects and fine art.


The fluidity of all components working together in one location cohesively, creating thoughtful solutions and meaningful spaces that integrate advances in organizational development, sustainability, wellness, beauty and new technologies. Our team members immerse themselves in understanding the complex nature of who you are and those around you to achieve the quality of life you desire, simplify day to day living and surpass your own limitations.


Our mission is our commitment to understanding our clients and transform their vision by providing intelligent design solutions that will exceed their expectations;
a custom-tailored design that encompasses who you are and how you live.



Monday - Friday              10am – 6pm

Saturday                           11am – 6pm 

Sunday                              12pm - 5pm

Yaletown                                     P: 604.893.7773
1062 Homer St #100                 F: 604.893.7772

Vancouver BC V6B 2W9 

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